Thursday, October 29, 2009

5 More Benefits to the Master Cleanse

A couple days ago, I posted 5 Benefits to the Master Cleanse.  Here is the final installment with 5 more benefits of the program.  Enjoy!

1.  Increased energy - After work I would go home, eat, and park it on the couch to watch tv, because that was all that I could do.  I felt no energy to use the remainder of the day to get my personal stuff done.  Six pm might as well have been midnight.  Now, when I get out of that bed in the morning, I am charged.  When I get home, I am still pretty charged.  I can get things done for me and I feel good doing it.

2.  Reworking eating habits -  All of the trouble that you go to when you go through detox and seeing what comes out will definitely change some things.  You will not want to put that same stuff back.  I thought about the kinds of things that I would eat once the cleanse was finished, BEFORE the cleanse was over.  Once I did that, I went through my kitchen and cleared it of the things that were not good for me and restocked with the good healthy foods.  Most of the things that I no longer wanted I donated.  I didn't give myself a chance to go back to those old eating habits.

3.  Getting in touch with the body - When you're focusing on how you feel and symptoms from reactions that you are having while detoxing, you become a lot more sensitive to your body and it's signals.  You have a better sense of when you are hungry, when you're getting sick, and of your emotions during this process.  You appreciate how amazing the body truly is.  It is so astounding how this vessel works for us and how well it works.  You want to treat it better.  You see and feel the connection between what you put in it and how well it does it's job and you want it to be optimal.  It's pretty spiritual really.

4.  Realizing your strength - There are so many things that go through your mind when you consider doing the cleanse.  "Damn!  Ten days is like forever.  I can't possibly last 10 days without eating.  I would gnaw off my own hand.  It's impossible!"  You decide to do it.  You barely make it through day 1.  Day 2 is tough, but not like the 1st day.  Day 3 is much better.  It almost feels like easy street.  Then day 4 comes and goes and so on until day 10.  You realize that both you and your body are stronger than you give credit for.  If the impossible is clearly possible, then what else are you keeping yourself from doing?

5.  Finding time - You notice how much food takes up space in your life.  Since you can't eat, you fill all of that time with activity, from going to the gym to weatherproofing your house.  You find time that you never thought existed.  My weekends fly by just like everyone's does, but while doing the cleanse, they've felt like extended holidays.  I've always had enough things to do, more than enough actually, but now I have the time and energy to do them.

I am sure that there are more things that I am not touching on.  For those that decide to do it, I want to leave it up to you to experience these benefits and come up with some new ones.  Please feel free to comment about it or comment on some of the other posts that I've written.  Next post:  Concerns and Myths of the Master Cleanse.  I hope to see you back!  :-)

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