Friday, December 4, 2009

How a Drive By Changed My Life - Conclusion

I knew that I didn't totally want to lose that fire that I felt right afterwards, but I was fading fast.  Indecision, lack of direction, and not accomplishing any goals was sucking the motivation right out of me.  One day at work, somehow I found Oprah's The Secret episodes.  I had heard about The Secret before and even bought the audiobook a couple years ago. I found the music and the Australian accent distracting, so I never finished it.  I don't think that I was truly ready to hear the message at that time.

I watched both episodes as well as her after show specials, and something clicked.  The points that the authors made resonated with me completely.  Her guests included James Ray, Lisa Nichols, Dr. Michael Beckwith, Jack Canfield, along with Rhonda Byrne, the author.  I scoured Youtube looking for videos by them.  (I'll be sure to post a few later.)

The gist of the show was that my thoughts, conscious and unconscious, were creating my reality.  I could see that.  An example would be whenever I set my mind to something, opportunities would come out of the woodworks.  Then I would say to myself that I was not good enough to get it done and I wouldn't do it.

A couple weeks later, an I-Tunes update popped up on my screen.  I don't typically use I-Tunes, but I decided to see what it was about.  I found a ton of FREE podcasts with interviews from many of The Secret guests.  I also found Law of Attraction related podcasts as well as podcasts about hypnosis, detoxification, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), weight loss, goal setting and achievement, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), affirmations, meditations, and the power of gratitude.  I listened to different ones every day for weeks.  My mind was opened up to a ton of new ideas that I began incorporating into my life.

Since then, things have really shifted.  I have even more confidence now.  I've learned and fully accepted my purpose.  Before, I never really made goals that I've stuck with.  I've waivered on them, which is why it was difficult to see any achievement on the few long term goals that I set.  I've since set goals for almost every area of my life: health and fitness, career, relationship and family, financial, legacy, personal, and recreation.  (I've included the Oprah interview with the cast of The Secret, at the end of this post.)

The reason I chose to share this story was to hopefully light a fire within you.  You don't have to wait until some kind of near death experience to change the direction of your life.  Don't wait until you can't do any of the things that you've always wanted to do.  Don't wait, because tomorrow is not promised to you.  Besides death, accidents, debilitating illnesses, financial emergencies, fear, and other circumstances can change the game for anyone.  Don't wait.  You only have one shot at this life.  Don't waste it!


  1. SMH. TRUE inspiration. Since I'm a new reader, I've been taking some time today to get up to date w/ the "goings ons" here. An inspiration you are. I really needed this.
    Thanks again.

  2. Thank you, Kesha! I am glad that you are enjoying the posts. :-)