Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Segment: Post Spotlight

We're going down memory lane here at Big Diva Headquarters.  This segment is where we spotlight one of our archived posts.  As always, feel free to comment and share with your friends.  Who knows?  You may even see your comment included here.  Be blessed!

Post of the Hour: I'm Ready to Die

About: A message about taking a leap of faith.


Favorite quote:
"I have been wrestling with taking this step for so long now.  Now I know for sure that everything will be okay.  I’m ready to die now.  Everything that I have ever been through, everyone that I’ve known, all of the good and bad that I’ve seen has lead me here to this point.  Affected yet undeterred, I walk towards the end as I know it or, better yet, the beginning.  I’m ready to die now.  I’m ready to take that leap of faith and fulfill my destiny."
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