Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just a Glimpse

Take a Look

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I was pretty bored the other day.  I told my friend, Arelis aka Glenda, and she suggested that I write about a glimpse into my future.  So here it is:

I still haven't mastered the art of waking up without multiple alarms, but at least I've gotten it down to two.  God, I love my fluffy bed.  It is so tough to leave you, my darling, but I will roll around on you and wrap myself in your, woops!  Sorry, I kicked you, Chessie.  Quit hissing!  Guess that's the end of that...

Today is a big day!  Did I say big?  I meant humongous, gigantic, crazy large!  How cool is it that I was invited to speak on a televised panel to a group of young ladies about self esteem, love, and body issues?  This is absolutely amazing!  When I started BDHq, I thought that it might present some great opportunities for me, but nothing of this magnitude.  I am completely moved that the station would ask me to lend my voice and help in this way.  

Let me get out of this bed and start my routine: meditation, exercise, and a smoothie.  I resisted for so long, but an organized closet and prepping the night before gives me so much time to "do me" in the morning.  What in the world was I... Chessie, I am going to feed you!  Relax!!

Do I feel resistance?
When she originally made the suggestion, I thought, "What a great idea", then as quickly as it came, it was replaced by resistance.  There was a fleeting feeling of fear that came over me.   My mind started conjuring up reasons why I should find something else to write about.  Just save it for a journal entry, so that you don't have to share it.  I wasn't quite sure why, so I thought more about it.

But why??
Why was I feeling resistant?  What was I afraid of?  When she told me to write a glimpse into my future, the first thing that came up was what I wanted for my life overall.  Things like success and fly clothes and a nice house and car flashed in my mind and I immediately felt ashamed.  Say what?  Ashamed?

I felt ashamed that I want to be wealthy and have nice things.  I most certainly didn't want to share that, because it might make me look shallow.  Also, aren't I supposed to be helping in some way?  Shouldn't I be focused on how I can do more of that and less on material things?  

Hold the Phone
In the Law of Attraction, your thoughts become things.  If I think about money and material things, than I should have it right?  Not exactly.  If I think about those things, imagine what it feels like to have those things, and talk and act like I have those things, than it will come to me, right?  Kinda, but there is a big piece that is missing.

What's Missing?
Law of Attraction does NOT work when you have conflicting thoughts or beliefs.  You can't successfully attract and keep money if in the back of your mind you think that money is the root of all evil.  I don't think that, Universe.  Just making a point.  You can't successfully lose weight and keep it off, if, your subconscious believes that the weight is there to protect you.  

You won't successfully manifest things into your life until you clear your subconscious of the negative thoughts that are in contrast with what you want.  The shame that I felt for wanting nice things reminded me that I have conflicting beliefs about money.  The bigger questioned that was raised was, Do I feel like I DESERVE to have the things that I want?  (Something to discuss later.)  

What's Working?
We could go online and find post after post, read books, and get counseling on the best step in freeing ourselves of thoughts.  There's meditation, hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique, prayer, forgiveness, mindfulness, affirmations, the Silva Method, 4 Questions, the Sedona Method, mirror work, and on and on.  The thing is, I have no idea where to start.  I've tried a few of these things and, though many of them have worked for me on some level, I haven't stuck with any of them consistently.  

Tell Us
I don't believe that there is only one solution that works.  In the comments below, tell us some things that you tried to change negative underlying beliefs?  Have you had any success with any particular method?  Please share any resources that helped you as they can also help others too.  Thank you!  


  1. This is a really interesting post. I am an avid believer in prayer. It works wonders to sooth my anxiety and to give me courage. Knowing that there is a power greater than me (God) who is in my corner and in control allows me to relax and try things.

    Maybe you could just stick with one or two of the techniques for a period of time and then either keep it as part of your normal routine or cross it off as a no go. Then try another but not until you have spent sufficient time on the first one.

    I do think you are ahead of the game in that you have identified some of your negative underlying beliefs. I am working on that also.