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All White Everything - 3 Dangerous Foods That Should Be Shifted Out of Our Diets

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Aww Yeah...  That's the Good Stuff

It totally isn't.  That stuff will kill ya!

The first step to recovery is to admit that there is a problem.  Well, Cleatus, there is a big problem.  There are pounds and pounds of a problem.  I love my white stuff.  I love my sugary sweets.  I love my white toast and tea.  I love my sticky white rice from the Chinese spot, too! Nom, nom, nom, nom, I love it!

Be Aware
It starts with learning the dangers of excess indulgence in the white stuff.  The over arching theme with all of the things listed above is that it is PROCESSED!  Why is that a problem?  Processing means that the important nutrients that we can or would normally get out of eating something has been killed, thus leaving us with empty calories as well as the potential for illnesses and diseases.  

None of the things listed above are really that good for you, but I realize that a lot of us eat those things or they're in the ingredients.  It may not be realistic to completely eliminate these things from our diets, but we can do our best to make different decisions with a bit more knowledge.  Disclaimer: I am by no means a nutritionist or a doctor, (maybe in my own mind), but I do like to read and some of the tidbits I've learned are from nutritionists and doctors.  Let's get into it!

Did'ya Know?
Let's talk about each of the items above.

White Sugar - (Source)
Sugar typically comes from sugar cane or sugar beets.  Unrefined or natural sugar is not that much better than white sugar when it comes to the damage it does to the body overall, but it does contain some minerals, vitamins, and fiber, so if you're going to use it, try to switch the white stuff with the brown stuff instead.  

White Bread - (Source)
The white bread is mostly about the flour.  What makes flour white after the husk is removed is that it's processed to high heaven, crappy nonsense chemicals are added, and then it is BLEACHED!  Ah hell hawww!  Not sure what brand of bleach is used, (does it matter?), but whatever is used contains chlorine.  Doesn't your bottle of bleach have a warning about ingesting it, complete with skulls and crossbones??!  I thought so.  Then why are we eating this?  I'll tell ya why.  It tastes good.  Yeah, I know...  *Hangs head*

Whole grain bread, (with the first ingredient listed being "whole wheat" or "whole grain"), has fiber, B-12 and B-6, zinc, and a few other vitamins.  I personally love rye bread.  It tends not to be as sweet as others, but that's just fine.  I am still looking for this fantastic rye vegan bread that I found at a street market off of Lombard Street in San Francisco.  If anyone knows what I'm talking about, inbox me!  

White Rice - (Source and Source)
That good tasting fluffy stuff...  Just like the other things, white rice is processed.  The bran covering is removed and it is processed further to make the grains white, smooth, and something that cooks in less time.  Brown rice, on the other hand, does have some nutrients like manganese, selenium, and zinc, but most of all, it has fiber.  White rice is often enriched, meaning that the nutrients from artificial and questionable sources are added back after they have been stripped.   

Not Dangerous, But...
White Potatoes - (Source
Ok, so white potatoes are different from the other things, because they are naturally white.  They aren't processed, bleached, or stripped of their nutrients to make them that color.  They are actually pretty good for you, as long as you eat them without the butter, sour cream, and all of the other things we tend to slather on them.  They are very high in carbs, which your body needs, so if you are trying to choose between pasta or potatoes, (not french fries), go with the potatoes.  They have most nutrients.  Sweet potatoes are also good for you.  Don't think that they are better than the white ones, just because they have color.  They are pretty complementary.  Keep in mind, even though potatoes are good for you, be mindful to eat them in moderation.  

Love Don't Live Here Anymore
As much as it pains me to write, I'm putting the kibosh on all of it.   Excuse me?!  That's clearly the side of my neck talking.  I won't be able to stop eating those things entirely.  It's so much easier to do when I cook, but I don't cook all of the time.  I travel a lot, so that means going out to eat.  Let's be realistic here.

The best that we can do is look for healthier alternatives, try to be aware of our consumption of the white stuff, eat the white stuff in moderation, and offset stuff yourself with vegetables, so that you don't have room for the white stuff.  Since potatoes are a vegetable, they are the exception to the rest of the foods above.  

Taking Liberties
I've taken the liberty to list a few healthier alternatives to each of the things listed above.  Keep in mind that just because they are healthier than what is listed above, doesn't mean that they are ok for us to go H.A.M (Hard as a Mutha) on.  Moderation is key here.  Murder your vegetables instead.  lol

White Sugar
Raw or unrefined sugar, stevia, agave, honey, maple syrup

White Bread
Whole grain or whole wheat, rye, sprouted

White Rice
Brown rice, Quinoa, lentils, polenta

Tell Us
What are you eating that you want to change?  What are some of your tips for making it easier to eat healthy?  Do you have any additional substitutes for the foods listed above?

Don't Forget
As mentioned in my last post Moving Right Along, I'm off from putting up a post next wee, but I'll be back on my birthday, June 19th, with an extra special post.  Feel free to stroll around, catch up on some posts on the site, and / or add some comments.  Have a great week and I'll see you then!!

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  1. If it wasn't for the white stuff, I'd starve to death! And are you telling me that I'm starving WITH the white stuff because of the processing? Oh Lawd!