Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Procrastinating… We Can Talk About This Later

Photo by Steve Petrucelli
No, we'll talk about it right now!

Merriam-Webster defines procrastination as "putting off intentionally and habitually" or "to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done."

We all know exactly what it is, because at some point or another, maybe even now, we've played around doing something other than what we need to be working on.  We use all sorts of tricks and time zappers like TV, Facebook, Pinterest (Lawd, do I ever!), texting, shopping, and more to avoid doing chores, working out, homework, or work.  

I'm not sure if you knew this, but...

A lot of us think of procrastination as a way for us to avoid doing something that we ultimately do not want to do.  Sometimes, it's more than that.  

Ask yourself why you don't want to do the task.  Be totally honest with yourself.  Your answer might be, "because I don't want to", "I don't feel like it", or "I don't like it".  For a lot of us, the answer is fear.  

We find something else to do to avoid what we should do because of fear. We are afraid of failing.  We fear being successful.  We fear pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone.  We fear uncertainty.  We fear what others will think about it.  We fear the possibilities of achieving the end result and what happens after that.  

Two Types
There are two types of procrastination: the clear kind and the not so clear kind. (So technical, right?)

Clear procrastination tends to be things that you really do not feel like doing even though you know you should do it.  For example, hanging out on Pinterest, (Follow me), when I really need to work on this report.  ("I've got time.")  This is clear procrastination at its finest!  The kitchen I just pinned does not help me work on my report at all.

Not so clear procrastination is different.  It is so much more sneaky than the clear kind.  This happens when what you are doing actually contributes to your greater good, but continuing to do it blocks what you need to do.  For example, I love research, strategy, and planning and I do it to death.  What I've learned is that I tend to go overboard with them and it keeps me from taking action.  

Here's another one.  

Think about when you're working on something that you do need to do.  It serves you and helps others, but it isn't your immediate priority.  What you're doing is keeping you from your priority.  For example, sitting on the phone advising a friend for an hour is very helpful and it may even be a part of your purpose, but that hour could have been spent finishing up your proposal for a program that would help 50 people with similar problems.  See where I'm going?

What Can You Do?
Hey, I'm am deep in my procrastination.  We just have to figure this out and work at it together.  : )

There are all kinds of articles and strategies out there that people have found to be helpful.  Here are a couple links, (and a quote), that resonate the most from people that I follow:

Danielle Laporte via The Daily Love- Getting Stuff Done Intuitively
Martha Beck via - How To Stop Procrastinating
"If one of my inner belief systems or thought patterns is, "I am unworthy," then one of my outer effects will probably be procastination. After all, procrastination is one way to keep us from getting where we say we want to go." - Louise Hay
Hard Truth Time
Two weeks ago, I learned that this blog is one of my sneaky procrastination techniques.

I put a lot of time and work into each and every post that I publish.  Between my full time job and this, I find that I don't make time for the other goals that I have.  It simply comes down to my poor time management. (My apologies.)  Something has to change and what better time is there to start?

I will remain committed to posting every other Wednesday, however the next few posts will be Post Spotlight segments and other shorter posts.  I can and must do better for all of you who visit this site faithfully.  I must also push forward with my goals and put all of my elaborate plans, (see not so clear procrastination item #1), into action.  

There is a better way to do this blogging thing.  There is a better way to do both and at the same damn time.  I'll use this time to not only come up with something that works, but put them into action too.  

I'm still here.  The site is still here.  It's not going dark.  I'm just taking a step back to use my time to do what I really need to focus on right now: managing this and my other endeavors better and more efficiently.

Photo credit lurve: Photo by Steve Petrucelli


  1. I will comment later...

  2. Time management is such a struggle. That combined with procrastination is a disaster. When you find out the better way to do this blogging thing, do fill me in.

  3. I agree with Arlett! Time management is tough in the beginning but now that you see what is holding you back you've modified accordingly so you're ahead of the game for pushing through! you've decided to TAN, like Janeane says. Take Action Now! Good for you!