Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Post Spotlight: The Approach

Hello all!

Can you believe that summer is pretty much over??  It went by so fast!  How has your summer been?  Mine has been filled with work, travel, and more work, but of course, it has all been fulfilling.

In June, I got a chance to go back to San Francisco for a third time.  It is definitely one of my favorite cities.  I love the hills, the cable cars, the food, the people, all of the great things to see and do.  It is truly a fantastic city.  

It reminded me of my first time going to California.  I had a work trip in Orange County.  I hadn't been farther than Dallas, Texas at that time and I had no idea what to expect out there.  

Los Angeles was pretty close, so I made a plan to go there.  Before I left, I remember being nervous.  I was a little nervous about the flight, very nervous about being able to do the work, since it was a new assignment, but I was also very nervous about how I would be treated out there.  That is when I learned a big lesson about the power of the mind.  

Post of the Hour: The Approach

About: A positive outcome depends on how you think about things.

Inspiration: How changing my mindset about my trip to California changed my outcome.    

Favorite quote:  Any and everything that I've ever seen or heard about Cali is that everyone is tiny, blond, shallow, and has fake body parts.   In my mind, this definitely wasn't a Big Diva friendly place at all.  The worst case scenario is that I would be looked at and treated like Shrek.

Do you see what I did here?  Based on fictional movies and shows, I was bracing myself.  I was developing the chip on my shoulder.  I WAS CREATING THE INTENTION! (Law of Attraction).  

Check it out!  

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