Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Post Spotlight: The Whales Are Out Tonight! (No Shade)

Hi guys!

Since the summer is done, although it doesn't feel like it today, I want you guys to tell me what are some things that challenged you?  What are some hard lessons that you learned over the summer.

One of the hard lessons that I learned this summer is to be my own advocate.  I absolutely hate conflict.  I don't like having "difficult conversations."  I have been known to brush most things off my shoulder, even when it bothers me.

For some time, I was feeling like I wasn't getting my due at work.  I figured that they would recognize my growth and reward me as soon as they were able to do so.  I had been taking on more responsibility and ultimately became impatient waiting on the company to take notice in the way that I thought that they should.  This summer it came to a head.  

I decided not to wait any longer and discuss my feelings with my boss.  I ended up having a few meetings about my concerns.  A couple weeks after my last discussion, I was given a promotion.  :-)  

The point of the story is that it is important to stand up for yourself and be your own advocate.  It isn't easy, but you will feel better after you do it and your conversation can result in a positive outcome or at least a better understanding between parties.  

This lesson reminds me of one of the most commented on posts that I wrote about an incident that I had with a party promoter on Facebook.  I was so angry about what he said that I not only let him know, but I shared the issue all over my social media pages, and wrote this post.  

Photo by Georgia Aquarium

Post of the Hour: The Whales Are Out Tonight!  (No Shade)

About: An interesting encounter with a party promoter on Facebook.

Inspiration: A party promoter wrote something that was offensive and despite my fears and my normal routine of letting it go without a word, I told him exactly how I felt about it.      

Favorite quote:  The point of this post is to let all of you big girls and non-big girls know that no matter what anyone says about you, you have power!  Regardless of who they are: family, friends, neighbors, people at school or work, strangers, the media, whoever, you have the power to shut them down and keep them from negatively affecting you.  I know it's hard, but it's a MUST for self-preservation!  You have the power to ignore them or speak up and walk away.  You have the power to distance yourself or totally cut them off.  You have the power to let their negativity fuel your success.  YOU DECIDE!!  If this is an entrepreneur or a company that employs said offender, you have BUYING POWER and the power of your voicesolo or as a community!  That, my friends, is some serious leverage!  Use it!  

Read the full post by clicking here!  

I'll be back September 25th with some fresh content.  Hope to see you here when it goes up!  :-)

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