Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What Are You Up To?

Photo by Kevin Dooley
Hey everyone!  I hope that you had a wonderful Thanskgiving!!

As many of you know, a few months ago, I started a business.  At first, I struggled with what I really wanted to do with it.  You see, I am multi-passionate, therefore I have a ton of ventures that I want to do.  I can be all over the place devoting a little energy here, some over there,  and then throw some to the back.  

I exhaust myself working on all these things at one time.  When I finally raise my head, I see that several months have passed and I am no closer to a finished product.

I decided to focus on just two things for now and once those are running, I can devote time to the other endeavors.  Besides blogging, I am developing a class.  I've been helping people in a lot of ways for most of my life, through work or voluntarily, so why not bottle it up and distribute it to the masses?  I'm not just speaking about it this time, but I am actually putting it together.  I never realized that putting together a good course is a lot of hard work.  It is amazing how many hours I've dedicated to creating it.  There is a deeper level of preparation that goes beyond simply creating an outline and filming at 11.  I'm really excited about it all!

What About You?
I'm blessed to have such enterprising readers and friends.  I am always so amazed by the balls that you guys are tossing around and how easy you make it look.

In the comments below, please share with us what you guys are working on.  What products are you creating?  What services are you providing?  What classes are you taking?  Where are you spending your time?  Feel free to share links to webpages and such.  Beware that overly spammy and affiliate links will be deleted.

Since so many of you are also multi-passionate multitasking ninjas, what are the things that help you get it all done and make it look like second nature?  

As always, your comments are very helpful to the community and who knows?  Your share may lead you to a potential connection, client, or partnership.  I look forward to reading what you have to say.

Photo credit lurve: Photo by Kevin Dooley

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