Wednesday, January 15, 2014

BP = Body Positive

Photo by Leah
We live in a society obsessed with looks.  We are constantly barraged with ads, on-screen images, and comments from others that tell us in so many words that we are not good enough the way that we are.  We aren't thin enough.  Our bodies aren't the right proportions.  We look hideous.  We should either hide or buy whatever they're selling to make us look better and have better lives.

Years of built up messages that we have absorbed have taken their toll on our self esteem.  We've taken on the thoughts echoed by the companies behind these products and these judgmental, unhappy people.  Now we say these very things to ourselves.  Repeatedly.  

When was the last time that you said something positive about your body?  Many of us never do.  We complain and affirm the negative several times daily.  As a result of our feelings about it, we push, pull, cut, hide, and diminish all that our bodies are.  It's time to recognize that even with imperfections, it is still a wondrous suit that we wear.

Time For a Change
This year, I've made a conscious decision to treat my body better.  This goes beyond eating and exercising.  This is about changing my relationship with my body from one filled with disdain to one full of adoration, respect, love, and healing.  

I've started by doing by affirmations, along with small rituals that I do every day to reconnect with my body.  

New Affirmations
Here are some affirmations that I've added to my mirror work routine.

I am grateful to God for every inch of my body.
I am perfect exactly the way that I am.
I am a Goddess.
I am enough.
I am healing my relationship with my body.

My BPP - Body Positive Prayer

Lights.  Camera.  Action.
This week, I'd like to pose a challenge for all of us.  Pick an area of your body that you feel the worst about.  It's the one that you are most critical of and try to hide.  

Write down 5 positive things about it.  Please feel free to share what you came up with the community.  

Also, please share ways, besides eating and exercise,  that you show positivity to your body.  Your comments are very helpful and greatly appreciated as always.  

Photo credit lurve: Photo by Leah

1 comment:

  1. This is a hard challenge. For me the area I like the least would be my stomach. 5 things????

    1. I'm glad I have an innie instead of an outtie. LOL
    2.. There is some ab muscle definition.

    Well 2 things is better than none.

    At times when I have felt insecure I would do a journaling exercise where I'd have to write 3 things I like about me each day and at least one had to be something physical.