Wednesday, April 23, 2014

These Three Words Have the Power to Change Everything

Before I tell you what the words are, let me first start out by telling you about my introduction to the person who brought this up.  

Every day at work, I listen to YouTube videos.  I have a bunch of channels that go to for music, but most of the time, I like to listen to speakers or podcasts about entrepreneurship, personal development, spirituality, and so on.   

Usually I go right to my faves, but lately I've been picking videos from the YouTube Recommendations section.  I feel like there might be a message there that the Universe would like me to receive.    A little woo woo, I know.  

So on Monday, at the top of the page, there was a video called Love and Entrepreneurship by Kamal Ravikant.  I was going to skip to something else, but then I saw that the video was from the Awesomeness Fest.  I had never heard of the Awesomeness Fest, but man, it sounds pretty... wait for it... AWESOME!  

The speech was just 20 minutes, so I figured, "Why not?".

One of the biggest gems that I got from Kamal's speech was that when something scares him, he knows that there is magic on the other side.  That is what he says to himself to get past the fear and do it anyway.

I remember the first time that I did a software training webinar for a writing group and even though it was for a small group and I knew most of the attendees, I was scared to death.  The feeling that I felt right after it was finished was exhilarating!  Most importantly, things opened up for me that I didn't see coming, so I can testify that the magic is real people!

Kamal's story was riveting.  I was so engaged that when the video ended, I sat there, taking in what he had shared.  

There was something about him that I liked a lot.  He has a sense of humor, and despite his extraordinary success and trajectory, he was easy to relate to.  I had to know more.  I found another video of an interview that he had with John Assaraf, an author and speaker in the movie The Secret.

My next stop was to Amazon to purchase his book, Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It.  It turns out that I had purchased it over a year ago and never read it.  Man, isn't the Universe at work all the time?!

I finished most of the book in a day and I am telling all of you that you need to get it!!  This book is awesome, but what's so great about it is its simplicity.  It seems easy, but it takes some work, and yet it feels right.  There is a resonance in reading each word, each experience, each tip.  

This book is a great reminder, an eye-opener for some, and is filled with so much great insight.  It's not very long, only about 65 pages, but there is plenty in there to help us all experience this magic that he speaks of.

And the Three Words Are?
I've already written a small book about this small book and I have yet to tell you what you can here to see.  Are you ready?  These three words are a game changer.  Here goes!

The three words are:  I. Love. Myself.

See?  So very simple, but they have the power to completely change your life and open your heart to more joy than you have ever known.  

Lights. Camera. Action.
We would love to hear from you.  What magic have you experienced when you pushed fear aside and did it anyway?  What technique did you use to get over the fear?  As always, your responses are helpful and inspiring to the community and we look forward to reading them.

Hop on the Self Love Train With Me
I want you to experiment and experience this self love journey with me.

First, I urge you to pick up Kamal's book, Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It.  I would love to hear your thoughts about it, plus Kamal has a few exercises and tips to help you along the way, but you can still participate in the experiment without it.   

For the next two weeks, starting now, say the three words, "I love myself", out loud or to yourself throughout each day.  There is no set number of times to do this, but the more often, the better.  

Take into account how you feel when you say it.  Is it uncomfortable?  Do you believe it?  Does it make you feel happy?  Check in with yourself periodically to see if there are some obvious internal changes.  Keep going even if you don't believe it or notice anything different.  Even if you think it is stupid and don't feel like doing it, notice the resistance, acknowledge it and keep going.

Let's revisit this on the next post where we can share if and how this has worked.  We'd like to read about your observations such as when you found it hardest to say "I love myself"?  When it was the easiest and by the end of the experiment, did it come naturally to do it?  Did you notice a change in how it made you feel whenever you said it?  You can also share any tips that helped you to keep doing it.  

Have a great week and let's meet back here next month.  :-)

Photo credit lurve: Photo by Florian Seroussi


  1. Oh so beautiful! (BTW, ain't nothing wrong with following where the Woo leads, yo!) I loved how you had already purchased the book but didn't realize it. That's telling you that the time is NOW right for that message to land with you.

    Great post! :)

    1. lol! Thank you for your comment, Lisa!! You're so right! :-)

  2. After watching both videos, I got the book. Great videos, and I'm partway thru the book. I can see that it's a lifechanger. Well... It's the impetus... WE are the lifechangers, eh? Thanks.

    1. Thank you for your comment David! I'm glad that you enjoyed the book and you're absolutely right: we ARE the lifechangers. ;-)