Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Post Spotlight: Ode to Aging

Hello hello!  I hope that all is well!   I apologize for missing my last post.  It was as a result of poor planning on my part.  :-(

I'm out on assignment in St. Paul, Minnesota.  This marks my third week out of town and I am exhausted.  On and off of planes, red eyes, layovers, home for just enough time to wash clothes and repack, and I'm back out again.  Life of a working jetsetter, what can I say!

With all of this travel, I've been reminded  a lot about aging: from an issue with my knee and phantom aches and pains, I'm getting older and things are changing.  During this time, it is so easy to complain and live in the past wishing for what used to be, but that only makes you feel worse.

I wrote this post as a reminder that although things have changed and are continuing to do so, there is still so much that our bodies do for us.  There is still so much for which to be grateful!

I hope that you enjoy this post.  New post next time!

Photo by Jamelwoodward

Post of the Hour: Ode to Aging

About: Learning to appreciate your body during its transformation through the aging process

Inspiration: Noticing that the body changes as you get older and loving yourself anyway

Favorite quote:  So what we could probably stand to lose a little weight.  Yeah sure, we could be healthier, but this is not about neglecting our health or putting the blinders on to our body's signals to problems.  This is about loving our bodies unconditionally!  This is about forgiving ourselves for the choices that we've made in regards to our bodies and our health.  This is about letting go of the pressure that we put on ourselves to fit in this perfect little box when it isn't possible.  We are perfect now! 

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Photo credit lurve: Photo by Jameslwoodward

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