Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Touch of Hope

So much is going on these days.  People are angry.  They are hurting.  Fear and sadness is being spewed all over the internet and it is catching on.  Everyone is fighting.  The negativity is closing in.  Then, I came upon this quote by entrepreneur and author Brendon Burchard:

Do not say there is no hope; for breath is hope, this moment is hope, that there is a sky and a single human alive with a soul burning with love is hope.

Do not say hope is lost; for hope is incapable of disappearing or diminishing. Hope is an eternal spring flowing through humanity, sourced by an infinitely deep and divine well. A refusal to step into its cooling waters does not diminish its reality or power any more than an oblivious husband lessens the beauty and strength and grace of his wife who is admired by all. 

Those words were like sun rays peaking through dark clouds.  Bask in those rays.  Close your eyes and lift your arms to the sky.  Open your heart cavity to hope.  Feel the warmth of the rays and breathe it all in.  
Reading that quote in the midst of all of that chaos was a breath of fresh air to me.  I felt reinvigorated.  I hope that it did the same for you too.

Photo credit lurve: Photo by Nikhil

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