Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Post Spotlight: Much Ado About Goals

Travel season is coming to an end... for now.  I'm currently in North Dakota wrapping up my work trip today.  My rebalancing act starts when I get back.  I can't wait to get back into the groove!

Leaves aren't quite changing, but fall is coming soon.  New summer wrap up post coming up next!  Have a great day everyone!

In the meantime, check out this week's post spotlight.  :-)

Photo by Kfuot001

Post of the Hour: "Much Ado About Goals"

About: The importance of setting goals the right way

Inspiration: It was the beginning of spring, the perfect time to set goals

Favorite quote:  Now some of you may be wondering what my beef is with resolutions.  Actually, I have no beef at all.  I'm glad that people thought about something that they hope will change in the new year, BUT a resolution is just a start.  People tend to make them and then stop there.  In essence, it's simply a wish.  You wish that you would lose weight or quit smoking or cut down on spending.   

After the wishes are made, people wing it and hope for the best.  "This is my last pack of ciggies and then I'm going cold turkey."  "I will only eat vegetables and drink water for the rest of my life.  Yeah... I'll be skinny in no time."  "I'm cutting up all of my credit cards.  That should keep me from spending."  Clearly, all of these are pretty extreme.  They are desperate plans: not well thought out or realistic.  

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