Wednesday, December 3, 2014

To the Left, to the L-EFT

Photo by Mark Nye
It's been four years since I first started using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and it has been a wondrous ride.

Since that first day, I've experimented with various EFT practitioners, Brad Yates, Robert Smith of Faster EFT, Carol Look, Nick Ortner, and David Childerley.  I followed their videos and scripts that targeted some of my issues and things that I wanted to bring in to my life.  I said statements out loud and tapped on acupressure points to clear negative emotions, harmful behavior, and make positive changes.

It looked stupid and I honestly didn't think that it would work at all, but I noticed a shift the first time I did it.  I thought, well if this worked, then what other things could I tap on?  Since then, I've used it to:
  • forgive people who hurt me;
  • heal after a break up;
  • grieve the loss of a beloved pet;
  • work through my nerves when I was asked to do a pitch for a potential client at the last minute;
  • clear cravings;
  • deal with my fear when asking for a raise;
  • deal with anger; and 
  • much more.
Since it has helped me so much, I've been sharing it with my family.  I tapped with my mom after our cat Milo died.  At the time, she couldn't even say his name without breaking out into tears.  After we tapped, she has been able to talk about him to others without crying.

Right before I published this post, I was feeling extraordinarily overwhelmed.  I have a work trip coming up, reports due, a speech to give at work, and a laundry list of things that need to be Olivia Pope'd in the next few days.  I felt myself shutting down, so I found this video and followed along.

I felt more relaxed, focused, and my migraine even went down to an intensity that is manageable.

Whenever people come to me with their problems these days, EFT is usually my first suggestion.  Some aren't really interested, which is fine, but for those that have tried it, they have noticed changes.   They feel more relaxed, calmer, symptoms lessen or disappear completely, and they feel better physically and emotionally.  It is so great to see how it's worked for them.

It has been so helpful to me.  I know that it can be helpful to so many others, especially young people who have trouble working through difficult emotions like sadness, anger, grief, and loneliness.  One of my goals is to become certified and offer EFT as a tool for healing our communities.  

Until then, here are some other videos below to help you through some of the emotions that we tend to go through during the holiday season: overwhelm (see above), loneliness, needing to forgive, and having a happy holiday.


Feeling Lonely

Needing to Forgive (a root cause of MANY issues)

Tapping for a happy holiday

In the comments, please let me know if you'd like to hear more about EFT, see more EFT videos, and please share your experiences with EFT.  As always, your comments are helpful to every one here, so please comment and share with others.  Happy tapping everyone! 


  1. I've heard a little about tapping but haven't taken the time to learn more. It sounds so interesting and powerful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You're welcome, Stephanie! Try it and let us know your experience with it. Happy holidays!