Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What Is Your Theme Word For the New Year?

December 31st.  The last day of the year...

A couple weeks back, you were tasked with figuring out your one word theme for 2015.  The purpose of this assignment was to set a simple intention for the new year.  

In 2014, my word was simplicity.  I had hoped that I would work at making things simpler, so that I could move through the year with a sense of ease.  I might not have focused on it throughout the year, but the intention was out there and, as if by design, things were noticeably simpler.  

For 2015, my word is release.  I chose this word, because it is time for me to let things go.  

For this new year, I intend to release any attachments to possessions, associations, and emotions that do not serve me.  By doing so, I am making room for abundance, opportunities, growth, and positive energy into my life, my heart, and into my home.  

I know wholeheartedly that 2015 will hold so much joy for me.  Between achieving goals that I've set and being blessed with successes that I never dreamed of, the magic is happening for sure.  Release means that I am making room for all of these blessings, which makes it easier to receive them.  It means that there are no other distractions around to take the focus and shine from the things that will flow into my life.

You can't put great things on top of a foundation of crap.  This new year is about letting go of said crap and making room for all of the goodness that is sure to come.

Show and tell time: What word did you come up with???

Did you base your word on a lesson that you've learned in 2014?  Is it a word that you hope to embody going into the new year?  How do you plan to apply this theme to 2015?

My Prayer and Wish For You

Whatever word that you have chosen as the theme for your new year, may you realize that intention and may you be open to all that that word brings you. 

Raise your glasses and let us honor our 2014!  Take this moment to reflect on your year.  From losses to gains, sorrow to greatness and heartache to love.  From pieces to peace, happiness, and prosperity.  May our hearts be full for every moment of every day that we experienced in 2014 and may we be touched with hope and faith in all that 2015 will bring into our lives. 

May you be blessed.  May you be well.  May you be filled with love and joy now and moving forward.  Peace and many blessings!  Happy New Year!!


  1. My word for 2015 is DOMINATE! :)

    1. That is a FANTASTIC word! Thank you for your comment!