Monday, January 23, 2017

It's Time...

After 8 years, I've decided to release my blog, Big Diva HQ.

When I started it, the purpose was to share lessons that I learned along my journey.  I talked about growth, personal development, and wellness, plus I shared some pretty vulnerable and heartfelt posts. It was therapeutic and definitely helped me grow as a person, but most importantly, I hoped that what I shared helped others in some way. 

I always thought that BDHQ would be a part of my enterprise.  At one point it was even the focal point.  Even when I stepped away for a while, I still always believed that BDHQ fit into what I was doing, until things changed. 

My purpose shifted and the blog became more of heavy obligation and a bit disconnected from who I grew into being.  I really wanted to hold on.  I thought that I could redesign, revamp, and return with brand new material, but in my core, it didn't feel right.  

I've denied it for long enough and now I've finally accepted that it's time to let it go.  
I'm grateful for how long I've done it, how far it's gone, what I was able to share, and I'm most grateful for how many of you that I was able to touch and help in some way through the blog.

I plan to leave the blog up until January 31st, so feel free to visit and read my posts until then.  You can leave comments if you want.  I'll see them and respond if I can.  

So What's Next?

I firmly believe that we attract more blessings when we have the courage to release and let go of things that no longer serve us.  The bigger and harder it is to release, the bigger the blessing that comes to take its place.  While I'm releasing BDHQ, all of who I am is taking its place. 

I am an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) coach now and I host and facilitate vision board workshops and seminars.  (My next one is on February 11th.  Join us if you're in the Philadelphia area!)  I am an avid traveler, who is two states away from visiting every state in this glorious country.  I'm a business strategist and enthusiast, and I'm passionate about helping women of all ages (especially young ladies) build self esteem and confidence.  I can finally share more about all of this on this page.  

I can tell you about how you can successfully incorporate vision boards into your life, invite you to the live and online events and trainings that I'm hosting, help you shift energy with EFT, post about my travel adventures, take you through some visualizations, and share my lessons learned and personal wins.  Oh!  And don't worry!  We'll still party on Fridays with our Jazz Hands Friday Dance Break. lol   

I'm so excited about what's to come and I hope that you are too.  Thank you for being a part of this and supporting the blog all these years.  I appreciate you.


Biba aka Ms. Pillowz

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