Get to Know Me

I'm Biba aka Ms. Pillowz.

I know what you're thinking.  "Ms. Pillowz sounds like some kind of porn star."  Sure, "The Kids" are pretty big, but that isn't why I chose the name.  
Someone once asked me, "What inanimate object would you say describes how you view yourself?"  I thought about it and responded, "A pillow.  A pillow supports you, comforts you in your time of need, and helps you to relax.  It's there however you need it to be.  It can be molded to suit any purpose."
I apply that meaning here for all of you.  I'm not a doctor or an expert of any kind, but I'm on a journey to a better and more fulfilling life, just like you.  I hope that what you read here helps you in some way, whether it provides comfort, support, or encouragement.  That is my purpose.  

Your comments, stories, and other feedback are helpful, not just to me, but to other readers who are on the journey, as well.  

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  1. I love you and your blog! I found you through the comments section on :)

    1. Aww!!! I love you too and thank you sooo much for coming by! I checked out your blog and you are doing it!!! I will definitely add you to my regular blog reading list. I'll be over there in a moment to leave comments all over the place. lol Love your honesty and your writing style. Thanks again for your comment!